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12-04-2014, 04:29 PM

Hello All!

I've recently finished and published my new book called "The Sledders Bible". I contacted Mr. John Dee and he said it was OK to promote this book here. Please read the press release and if this book is of interest to you, you may purchase it through this link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/john-bourgeois/the-sledders-bible/paperback/product-21895279.html

The following is the press release:

The Northwoods Author of The Boys in the Window, and My Grandpa Fixes Stuff, Has Done it AGAIN!

The Sledders Bible: by JOHN BOURGEOIS

The experienced and well versed author, John Bourgeois, has touched many hearts and souls through his books based on the audiences he targets. His newest and most informative book yet, The Sledders Bible, delivers chapter after chapter of informative messages to make the reader more knowledgeable in the sport of snowmobiling, while they enjoy each and every word. Anyone who wants to snowmobile in the woods and wilderness MUST purchase and read this well thought out journey of a novel.
St. Germain WI – John Bourgeois is not just an amazing author and a Pulitzer Prize Nominee, he also holds a B.A., and M.S., Degrees in Management and Technology as well as Applied Behavioral Science! John’s book, “The Sledders Bible”, is more than just a book; it is a guide to the safe and proper sport of snowmobiling, in a book ensuring you’ll know most everything you’ll need to know to enjoy this wonderful sport. It does not matter if you read this book from cover to cover, or just turn to a page without looking; each section will provide you with valuable information.

One must purchase this book and see for themselves as words cannot describe the lessons learned and the knowledge you will retain. This book makes the perfect gift for someone you love or someone who you want to safely enjoy the sport of snowmobiling. For each book sold a donation is made to the Soldiers on Sleds program. This program introduces combat veterans into the world of snowmobiling.
This is not just a statement; it is true! You can give ‘The Sledders Bible’ book to anyone who sleds or wants to sled. That means brother, sister, father, mother, friend, teacher or that nice neighbor who just got a new sled. They will have comfort in knowing that not only did you provide them with some valuable snowmobiling lessons, but you also donated to a very worthy cause.

“The Sledders Bible” will keep anyone who is contemplating participating in the sport of snowmobiling, the ability to know what to expect before they hit the trails. Readers will learn snowmobiling history, terminology, and survival skills, as well as safe snowmobiling practices. They’ll learn about the different kinds of sleds, some basic mechanics, such as changing a worn clutch belt, while being entertained with real life stories from the author. The lessons learned in this book will be retained and carried forth each and every time a sledder ventures out on the trail system. This book has been published and is readily available in a paperback form as well as an E-book or as a download edition. The book is also available from Amazon Books, Google Books or through the publisher’s website at www.lulu.com.

About the Author: John has been reading and writing full length novels, technical documents, a blog, and short stories for well over 40 years. His passion is learning by reading and doing, such as The Sledders Bible. John is currently working on his next novel “Dungeon Rock, The Real Story”, to help bring some reality to an urban legend and to provide answers to some age old questions.

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Frenchy: I presume that you wrote that press release yourself.

As the designated neighborhood "spellin' and grammarin' guru/critic", I must say that was one of the most enjoyable reads I've seen in many months on this forum1.

That was beautifully written, clear, lucid, well organized and just a pleasant, smooth read, with no distracting spelling/grammar debacles to stumble over while reading. From that I conclude that The Sledders Bible should be a pleasurable, educational and entertaining read as well. I'd go so far as to suggest that it should probably be required reading for both present and potential sledders.

(1 Of course I realize that most posts in this forum should not be judged on the same level as doctoral theses, but an astonishing number of 'em are carelessly, hastily written, neither proofread nor edited, and thus are occasionally barely literate and barely comprehensible; understandable, yet I believe that most posters in this forum are really capable of far better than it would appear.)

"English is a dying language!" — Thanks for restoring my faith in its survival!

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Thank You for your comments. I assume you'll be purchasing one? If so, thanks in advance!