I would have never believed we could get a trip in the second week of April. Two to three feet of snow and my son on spring break - what luck! These shots are a little deceptive because they were taken in spots where snow doesn't really accumulate - near the shore of Lake Superior and atop Brockway Mountain. We were so busy working through the deep snow, I didn't get a chance to take many pictures of the conditions elsewhere. The temps were in the low 30's and the sky was as clear as could be - what a view.

Twenty Yards from Lake Superior in Eagle River:

The cliff side of Brockway Mountain - looked like an avalanch waiting to happen:

Joined atop Brockway Maountain by two guys who followed our trail through the woods and up the giant switchback:

They were kind enough to take a picture of my son and me atop Brockway Mountain:

One of our new friends and my son overlooking Copper Harbor on the way down from Brockway:

You can see the snow down in Copper Harbor below, just not on the mounatin trail leading down:

Breaking trail the last 15 miles to Copper Harbor - not a track in front of us:

...and only our tracks behind us: