Here's another "new feature".

I habitually prowl the forum by using the New Posts feature:

Attachment 49477

then scroll down to the bottom (to the end of however many pages there may be) then click on each new post in turn, from eldest to newest, using my browser's "back" feature to return to the "new posts" (index page) each time.

Occasionally when going "back", I don't go back to the"new posts" (index page), but wind up here instead:

Attachment 49478

Huh? What? Activity Screen? That's not where I came from!

That's kind of a shock at first -- "Where'd the new posts go?"

The good news: Having arrived there, I can usually get back to the "new posts" index screen by clicking on New Posts at the top of the page again.

What's that, and where did that come from? I never used to see that before, is that some new feature?

Just somewhat unexpected behavior, only a minor nuisance, really no big deal.