Don't really want to be done riding for the year thinking possibly heading out to one of the above locations looking for some feedback, mainly ride trails but do like exploring off trail maybe to see some sort of view or rock formation or maybe a meadow to play in anything cool, I have been to bighorn and liked it trails were limited but enough for a couple of days never went south though stayed in northern area did a little backcountry riding enjoyed that would like to get a guide for a day wherever we end up, West yellowstone was in 04 so it's been awhile did the park and trails right around west yellowstone rode to two top and lions head I'm sure there is a ton to see there, never have been to togwotee have heard mixed reviews on trail riding there if there is enough trails for few days and few areas to explore with out having big mTN sleds our group mainly runs Polaris switchbacks, like the idea of the bighorn only bwing 13 hrs away compared to 17 any info on the areas would be great thanks