Hi all, my 18 year old son and I are heading west the first week of March, 2019 to do some snowmobiling. We have two sleds but they're short-track, designed for Midwest trail riding. I've been told we shouldn't use those sleds out west for the deeper snow. We've been riding (with guides and rented sleds) out west several times before - nothing too dramatic or dangerous. We've also been riding in the Midwest several times, but in general I would not call us "experienced riders". I would guess that we each have ~500 miles of snowmobiling experience.

In times past we've somehow found a rental place - probably a referral from the resort - we rent sleds for a day, go riding with a trusted guide leading us...and that's it. But for this trip I was thinking about renting sleds for the week and going without a guide. We have the Polaris ride app, so I'm assuming that would work as a bit of a self-guided tool? And I trust there are trail maps as well. In addition to riding we'd like to be close to some kind of decent town or two where we can get some decent food, maybe take in some music, etc. Doubt we'll go skiing/snowboarding this time around, but it's a possibility. Not sure yet if we'll drive out there on our own or fly and rent something out there (we have an F-150 V8 that can tow...a lot?, and a Mazda CX-9 that can tow up to 3,500#.) Anyway, looking to the group for advice on where to go, any rental places you can recommend and any other advice you can share. Thanks!