Just wanted to see how fishing was for anybody that doesn't snowmobile or legislate COVID-19. I am on the Manitowish Chain of Lakes and it has been pretty good this week. Full moon tonight but cold, last night produced about 14 walleyes, 2 were brought back for the freezer that were 16" (Perfect filets) One 23" walleye was boated and released for someone else to enjoy. New slot limits this year on the chain, 15" minimum, 3 total, between 15-20", none allowed between 20-24", and one over 24" allowed. We voted on this last summer and is good to see.

Walleye population seems to be taking since they stocked about 40,000 10" about 4 years ago. They clipped the fins so you can identify (We call them Clippers)

They want to protect the females that are a little larger and carry more eggs during spawn.

Just need to know the right times to fish and you can usually get a few.