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    Default 600 e-tech oil pump replacement

    Ok my sons 2013 skidoo 600 e-tech oil pump leaks a little oil, we removed it last spring and thought we had it fixed but found its leaking again, The question is that the dealers can't answer for me is that if I replace the oil pump with a new one, does the pump in any way have to calibrated? and as far as bledding it, can we just run it thru a few cycles of the summerize modes to push any air thru. I already have a new pump and For some reasons dealers around me here in Ohio cannot answer me these questions. Ive been all around the net, and do not find any secure info on this. Thanks for any info.

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    not sure about the sleds but i know the e-tech outboards have to be primed using the evinrude software
    never had to calibrate one on a outboard
    if you cant access the software
    it might not be a bad idea to run it on a 50:1 fuel oil mix along with the running the summerize mode a couple times till all air bubbles are removed
    hope this helps

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    running premix in an e-tec (or any direct injection engine) does virtually no help for engine lubrication, as the fuel does not go through the bottom end of the engine around the crank and up the transfer ports. It only gets squirted in the top of the combustion chamber via the injector and and gets burnt up in the combustion process immediately, as the fuel injected when the spark plug is lit and boom the oil is gone. If anything it makes the motor run just a tad bit lean due to the oil in the fuel taking the place where fuel should be, lessening the amount of fuel in the fuel/air mixture.

    I would install the pump, and with good visibility on all of the oil lines, run it through multiple summerization sequences with just the engine idling to keep loads low, watching for bubbles to travel through the lines and transition to full solid oil.

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    Thanks guys for some info. I guess I just want to make sure it didn't need to be programmed into sleds computer in any way, we had the old pump off last year and tore it apart to replace a few o-rings and replaced it and then ran it through a few summerizations and we did ride it after that and had NO problems so I guess we'll install the new pump and do the same summerizations. Oh and buy the way here in the US that pump is expensive and I found a place in Germany that was selling these pumps for 1/4 the price, And yes its BRP OEM even with the part # right on it

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