Idk what happened at Menards in Burlington WI but they had a placard outside front door Menards requires mask use. We go to Menards 2-3 times a week and Burlington store has been reasonable regarding mask use. Not today I had a mask below my nose no problem but my wife is done with the mask thing. We both have been vaccinated for 2 months so weíre not spreading Covide. We were moving thru the store from the paint section to outdoor plants and my wife was confronted mid store that she needs to wear a mask. She explained we were headed outside and that employee backed off. We bought fertilizer and I had to climb the shelf to get 6 bags somewhat dangerous no help so I figure help yourself. Lol. This was strenuous so I took my mask off. I was winded but had grass seed , fertilizers all the stuff I needed and my wife was in the outdoor yard looking at flowers and trees. Prices were outrageous so we didnít select anything and headed to the garden center check out. Neither of us had masks on and the outdoor cashier advises us Menards requires masks. We told cashier weíre outside and she backed off. Cashier checked us out and weíre ready to exit then I got the twinge inside me that was telling me to complain. I told the cashier to pass this information to management tell Menards that senior folks have been vaccinated for 2 months or more so we arenít spreading or catching Covid virus and Menards mask policy is outdated and needs to change. Idk if this info got back to management but Iím sick and tired of wearing masks at Menards. Other big box stores in Burlington from food stores to sports stores donít enforce wearing masks anymore. Itís time for Menards to ease up the mask nazi attitude or they wonít be getting anymore of my money ....ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!